Mindful Leadership

“Wake up to your Life and your Leadership through the Practice of Mindfulness”

Our lives include many distractions. Many times we find ourselves unable to concentrate on the task at hand because our attention system is compromised. Sometimes that means we miss information while reading a page in our book. Other times, especially in moments of high-stress, it can mean we miss an important moment with our child or possibly find ourselves ill-prepared for a big decision at work. Being mentally prepared for challenges in our workspace and lifespace is an essential part of performing at our best in all facets of life.  However, the competing demands for our time and our attention make it increasingly difficult to manage.

Learn how chronic stress can affect our leadership and decision-making. Learn what cutting-edge research is revealing about the practice of mindfulness and how it can help us capture present moment attention to improve our mental agility and daily decision-making. We will discuss how mindfulness is a valuable tool for improving our performance in times of high-stress, specifically how it can aid in our professional success as leaders while simultaneously cultivating an awareness and the skills for personal care and recovery. Understand how you can develop a mindfulness practice and become a high-performing and mindful leader. It is a great way to improve your organization’s overall effectiveness and your personal career fulfillment.

Healthy Leader Healthy Team

“Focus on your Personal Human Performance to Better Serve and Lead your Organization”

Leaders set the tone of an organization. Their behavior and leadership style sets the conditions for success or failure. Is your leadership promoting a culture of competitive stress? Or are you building a culture around high-performance? Learn how a focus on your personal human performance can help you better serve and lead your organization. We will discuss cutting-edge research on mindfulness, nutrition, physical fitness, sleep, and human connection; specifically, how self-love and teamwork are foundational to effective relationship-based leadership. We will also discuss ideas for developing a high-performing culture using evidence-based human performance initiatives. Be the boss and role model your team deserves!

Equanimity: Turning Chaos Into Calm

“Navigating Motherhood, Career, and the Pursuit of Balance”

Each of us fills many roles in life: Professional, parent, spouse, philanthropist, and/or student…to name a few. We want to perform at our best, no matter which role is center stage. But, life is hard and we can sometimes feel out of control and surrounded by chaos. Amidst my hectic life, as a single parent with a deployed spouse and as an aviator leading a unit of 75 people, I reached a point of exhaustion and burnout from the pressure to balance it all. Now, by making myself and my health a priority, and letting go of the concept of daily “balance,” I am better prepared to perform at my best. Most recently, with two kids and my active duty spouse geographically stationed on the other side of the country while a squadron commander for a 400-member joint team, my stress was high. Very high. Despite the increased situational stress, I was a better mom, better aviator, and better leader because prioritizing my health allowed me to stay grounded in the present moment where the stress could not overwhelm me. Learn how you can use teamwork and self-love, particularly the ability to strengthen your attention system, to create calm inside your chaos.  Discover not only how you can handle your stress better, but how you can thrive in the process. 

Relationship-Based Leadership

“Know Yourself. Lead Yourself. Lead Others.”

Effective leadership is grounded in trust. However, you have to build relationships with those you lead and work with in order to facilitate a culture of trust…and it starts with having a relationship with yourself.  You have to know yourself in order to lead yourself; a necessary first step before leading others. Learn how to use a two-pronged relationship based approach for being an effective leader. Rooted in a love of self, you must first develop a relationship with YOU. Who are you? What is it that you value? What is your philosophy in life and thus, your leadership? Second you need to develop a deeper relationship with those around you. Who are they? What is it that they value? Learn how to deepen these relationships through exercises and affective learning so that you can be a high-performing, trusted, and effective leader.

Dr MacAulay can combine any of the above presentations into a 4 or 8 hour workshop. Submit a request via the contact form to check availability and specific pricing.